Plathville Season 2

Everything wrong with Welcome to Plathville

Welcome to Plathville follows an extremist family that struggles with the freedom of their oldest kids. It highlights the problematic relation between the mother and the new bride of her son. While parents praise their unreasonable constraints, Olivia gains approval in the family challenging the regulations.

Indeed there is a lot to digest regarding Welcome to Plainville. It seems, due to various traditional, ultra-strict lifestyles and higher-than-average numbers of children, TLC is no stranger to producing reality shows focusing on devout, religious families widely seen as offbeat to the vast majority of the country, and the Plath family of Welcome to Plathville is no exception. 

Identifying the resemblances between the Plath family and the 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On Fame of Duggar family, who have sustained a loading scandal over the 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On Fame family, you don’t have to be a TLC fanatic. Moriah doesn’t often comply with what a proper lifestyle should look like with her parents’ positions, she thinks she’s different from the rest of her family. The fact that Welcome to Plathville is not Moriah’s debut on screen, maybe the reason for her.

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Will there be a new season?

Welcome to Plathville has come to an end after just six episodes after its controversial first season. In rural southern Georgia, the plot features the Plaths, an extremist family of 11 who follows some unordinary regulations for their children, such as no technology, no sugar, and holiday celebrations.

The first-ever season was loaded with conflicts between Kim and Barry, the parents, and some of their older children who had come to terms with the cloistered early life they were provided. Since the premiere of the show’s season finale, we’re left to ponder, will there be more chapters of Welcome to Plathville to expect in the future. However, TLC has currently not provided any official information regarding the next series of episodes.

What could be the next season’s plotline?

We would expect to see more of Moriah finding her independence in Minnesota if season 2 happens and possibly going to college, Micah designing his new-found media career, and more conflicts between Barry and Kim’s parents, and Olivia and Ethan.

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When can we expect it to come on screen?

If the planning of the previous season were about to fall into line, Welcome to Plathville would premiere in November 2020 with its fresh season. That being said, if the show is renewed for a longer season, there is a likelihood of it launching earlier.


  • Olivia Plath
  • Moriah Plath
  • Barry Plath
  • Michael Plath
  • Kim Plath
  • Ethan Plath
  • Hosanna Plath
  • Isaac Plath
  • Lydia Plath
  • Mercy Plath