welcome to sudden death

Fans know that Welcome to Sudden Death movie is a sequel to the 1995 film Sudden Death. Peter Hyams had directed the sports action thriller and Gene Quintano wrote the movie. Howard Balwin and Karen Elise Baldwin had produced this movie. They owned Pittsburgh Penguins at that point in time. Even though the movie wasn’t a success in the USA it did well internationally. Many people consider the movie as an example of the martial artist Van Damme’s best work. Fans who loved the movie even compare it to Die Hard.  But the critics weren’t going gaga over it. Entertainment Weekly gave the movie a “D”-review. But for whatever reason, Netflix has decided to make a remake.

Netflix announced that it would be making a 2020 remake and that the movie would have a twist in it. It would still feature martial arts but it would also include comedic elements. The original movie showed Van Damme as a public servant who works to destroy the efforts of a terrorist group. He prevents the bombing of a crowded area during NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals. Viewers would certainly miss Van Damme as Darren Francis Thomas McCord.

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This remake entitled “Welcome to Sudden Death” will have Gary Owen and Micheal Jai White. Griff Furst will be acting as a producer of Welcome to Sudden Death. Production work has taken place in Winnipeg.

The timing of release had felt a bit deliberate. It will air during or after the Stanley Cup Finals of 2020. The finals of 2018 and 2019 ended during the summer months, 4th June for 2018 and 12th June for 2019. Netflix had lined up the release for June 2020. Now, however, the release date has been pushed back to 29th September.  A lot of tv series and movies are being delayed due to the coronavirus, so it is only to be expected that this remake would suffer a delay too.

Action movie enthusiasts will just have to wait to see whether Welcome to Sudden Death will be worth watching or not.