Wentworth Episode 9

Wentworth Episode 9

Wentworth: Redemption was premiered at the Fox Showcase on 28 July 2020, the eighth season on the Australian TV series Wentworth. The ten-episode season is the preliminary season of the series as the show ends in 2021.

Four new main characters will be introduced this season: Ann Reynolds (Jane Hall), Lou Kelly (Kate Box), Judy Bryant (Vivienne Awosoga), Reb Keane (Zoe Terakes), Sheila Bausch, and special guest star Marta Dusseldorp. Netflix lovers are even waiting for Season 8 of Wentworth. The last episode of this current season will air on the 29th of September. Then, the next day, Netflix will pick up the eighth season. According to Netflix Life, Wentworth features in the ’50 Best TV Shows on Netflix’ list.

Wentworth Episode 9 About

Wentworth Season 8 was expected earlier, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, its production was affected. Thanks to the creators of the series for putting all the effort into completing the series and making it suitable for its release during the period when the world is fighting badly against the deadly coronavirus. Wentworth Season 8 showed many things in episode 9, entitled ‘Monster.’ Reb is appalled when a new prisoner of remand Sheila Bausch arrives at Wentworth on charges of robbery. Her background shows her being affiliated with Lou and Reb’s clinic, raising more painful memories for Reb during a therapy session. As she takes LSD and loses control, Judy’s stress of being in prison finally gets the better of her. Later, she says, Lou, to her doubt, that Allie was lagging behind her. Ann comes to work and says that Lou was the attacker.

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The hearing of Joan’s committal is imminent and Vera enlists Allie’s help to catch Joan out before she goes to trial. In the hope of forcing a confession, Allie drags Joan with LSD; Joan takes a bad trip and continues to see a young girl with blood on her hands. She is suspended from duty when Linda knocks her unconscious. It is subsequently revealed that the girl is the daughter of Joan.  Lou decides to take revenge for lagging on Allie.