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What is Floki Coin, and Why is it Trending?



Floki Coin

Floki Coin: In this world, Bitcoin and Ethereum have just taken up all the crypto news along with the mention of Dogecoin. And now, a new meme-coin is taking over a bit of the public eye. In the past few months, the cryptocurrency market has been experiencing a major rise. Well, just like the sudden price boost of some altcoins, Floki’s price boost can chalk up to one and only Elon Musk.

Elon Musk is not only CEO as well as Founder of Tesla but also is a bitcoin and Dogecoin enthusiast. Floki basically is comparatively an unknown coin that has an unknown market cap and has a US$0.00000155 market price. Here is all that is important for you to know about Floki and why is it trending.

All About Floki

As mentioned above that Floki is comparatively an unknown coin however, this crypto has become popular after Elon Musk’s tweet. As of now, there are about 2,334 holders of Floki coin along with around 9,000 transactions so far. Also, according to the official website the makers estimate to reach 3,000 holders by next month. Apart from all these facts, Floki is a fringe cryptocurrency that has an in-group of holders which makes it so volatile as well as subject to significant rises and falls. Now let’s have a look at how one can buy this fringe cryptocurrency.

How to Purchase Floki?

As of now, this cryptocurrency is not available at any major cryptocurrency exchange. Anyhow, the ones who wish to buy Floki can do so on an exchange platform like Uniswap. But you make make sure that the Floki is real. After Musk’s tweet, many fake Floki was created. Also, we would suggest you not go for Floki as the price of this coin might get very volatile at some point. Here is all that we know so far about this new meme coin. Hopefully, we will be updating about this coin very soon.

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