Crime Scene

The Crime Scene is a new documentary series about the unsolved murder of Elisa Lam. A new Netflix original documentary series from Joe Berlinger, creator and executive producer of the same Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, premieres on Netflix on February 10. It’s called the Crime Scene: Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel.
The first season of the series consists of four episodes that explore not only Elisa Lam’s mysterious death, but also the dark history of the Cecil Hotel.

Overview Of The Series:

Crime Scene: Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel is inspired by Hotel Cecil One of the most terrifying unsolved mysteries in history recently took place at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, California in 2013. Extent attending Los Angeles with colleagues. And staying at a hotel, 21-year-old Eliza Lam, a Canadian traveler, suddenly vanished. More than two weeks later, when another guest complained about poor water pressure, his body was found in one of the water tanks on the roof of the hotel.

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Sounds bad enough, right? What made it even more creepy was the video, with what was probably his last live moment. It was filmed by surveillance cameras in a hotel lift and shows Lam how she behaves erratically, sometimes as if she’s hiding from someone and sometimes..


The Netflix show description summarizes it as follows: The famous Cecil Hotel becomes a scandal when guest Elisa Lam disappears. From the creators of “The Ted Bundy Tape” who dive into the darkest crime spots.

Crime Scene: Disappearance in Hotel Cecil Format:

The series will include interviews with hotel staff and guests, as well as those involved in investigating the Elisa Lam case. However, Berlinger told Variety that he wanted more than just Elisa’s disappearance. Also, he expects to “establish a series that examines the position of a personal position in stimulating or facilitating crime – or its perceptions.”

He must have found it in Cecil! Justin Wilkes, another of the show’s executive producers, summed it up very well when telling Variety, “The Cecil Hotel, with its storied and famous history, felt like the perfect place for our first study.” Yes. After all, he saw more than just the fair share of murder and suicide. Even two famous serial killers lived there: “Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger. We can review and investigate Cecil (if we dare) if TKP: Disappearances at Hotel Cecil will air on Netflix on February 10.