When Calls The Heart Season 8

Season 7 of “When Calls The Heart” is full of ups and downs: Elizabeth’s love triangle getting complicated with Nathan and Lucas, Faith’s sudden discharge from Hope Valley, Lee’s health concerns, to name a few. For most of the season, Hearties had two equally important questions: Who would pick Elizabeth and return When Calls the Heart for another season?
Channel Hall let Hearties guess until the end of season seven.

That’s exactly what fans are hearing, especially as many fear the worst – and understandably so. In recent years, Hallmark Channel has booked a new season while the current one is still broadcasting.

Release Date:

“When Calls the Heart” season 8 premieres on Sunday, February 21 on Channel Hall Channel. To keep up with the WCTH Christmas special, the upcoming season will last longer and broadcast 12 episodes instead of 10. Prior to the premiere of season eight, the Hallmark Channel gave fans a glimpse into the future. 

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What do the casts say about the new season?

The actors on the show repeated Heartie’s s feelings everywhere. When the cast reunited, Cavan Smith, who played Lee, commented that “Season 8 is going to be weird”. Andrea Brooks, who plays Faith, has confirmed that she will return for season 8. Over the past few months, fans have speculated whether she will leave the show due to her success on CW’s Supergirl and her recent character story. Even before the show was selected for another season, Chris McNally, who played Lucas, mentioned what he would like to see next season.

Season 8 Spoilers:

While there are few details about Season 8, the show’s creators have confirmed that the new season will start with a “boom”. Later, he disclosed that the decisions will be earned at the Valley of Hope in Season 8. Which affected using numerous fans to assume that he was pertaining to the Elizabeth-Lucas-Nathan love triangle.

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Where To Watch???

Whether you’re starting over Or trying to catch up with the remaining episodes before Season 8 returns, there are many ways to follow When Calls the Heart. Amazon to download previous episodes as the show is no longer on Netflix.