Hope Calls Season 2

“When Hope Calls” exceeded all expectations with its charming first season. Following its August 2019 release on Hallmark Movies Now, the show was beloved by Hearties, who couldn’t stop raving about the lovely chemistry between long-lost sisters Lillian and Grace reuniting at Brookfield. By separating the Hallmark Channel mega mark “When the Heart Calls”, the show managed to retain the essence of its predecessors.

This performance by Alfonso H. Moreno is full of powerful performances, balanced soft and intense moments, changing relationship dynamics, and final analysis. After an epic first season, fans are wondering what will happen next. Continue reading to know.

When Hope Calls Season 2: Release Date

When Hope Calls, Season 1, airs on August 30, 2019, on Hallmark’s streaming service, Hallmark Movies Now. As the network’s first original series, the 10-episode series concludes on October 25, 2019, starting on Sunday, February 23, 2020, at 9 pm (CET) on the Hallmark Channel.
As for Season 2, here’s what we do know. After the success of the first season, his amazing fan base grew every day. And because Hallmark is willing to listen to fan requests, the show has a better chance of being revived. Even though the first season closed its doors on many topics, there were still some unresolved issues surrounding the main character. Therefore, it will be released sometime in 2021.

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When Hope calls Season 2 Casts:

All of the main cast members will likely reprise their roles in Season 2. Morgan Kohan and Jocelyn Hudon will return as sisters Lillian Walsh and Grace Bennett. We won’t be seeing much of Riley O’Donnell’s Helen as she’s probably in London for most of the second season.

When Hope calls season 2 Plotline:

Season 1 ends with Gabrielle capturing Mike Sinclair with Tess’ help. But Grace goes to London to accompany Helen to meet her grandfather. In Season 2 we can expect some resolution in Chuck and Grace’s relationship. Also, we saw Tess last season and tried to keep Chuck and Grace away from each other. He also manipulates his son Chuck into spending more time with Lucy.


While waiting for the When Hope Calls Season 2 trailer, check out the trailer and preview for Season 1!