Chainsaw Man

Chapter 95 was utterly chaotic and heavy, with awkward scenes and a performance that was better than anyone had expected. How are you, guys, think of another part that is in line with the latest news about the scheduled delivery date of Chainsaw Man’s Chapter 96. And what’s more, it will officially see the newly shipped chapter.
The article below has all the information you, as your favorite manga reader, need in person – from release dates to spoilers!

About The Manga “Chainsaw Man”

It is a Japanese manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto that preliminary occurred in Weekly Shonen Jump in December 2020.
The manga follows the story of a typical boy named Denji. His life changed when his father died. It was later revealed that his father had worked for the yakuza, and after his death, Denji had to pay all his debts to work for the yakuza. There he meets Pochita, a demon who is afraid of chainsaws.
After all, Denji later betrays for some dire reasons. But still finds out how it is revealed that the yakuza are controlled by demons. To spare Denji’s life, Pochita becomes his heart. Nowadays, Denji can be a chainsaw criminal. After this incident, he finally met Makima, who allowed him to join the public security demon hunters.

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Chapter 95 Overview

In the last chapter of Chainsaw Man, entitled “Chainsaw Man vs. Control Devil,”. We saw Denji and Makima proceed to confront each other, with Denji reappearing as a victim.
Makima pushes Denji’s injured and armless corpse out of his mind and pulls Honor out with his right hand. As he gradually pulls Pochita out of his body. He reveals to Denji that after all, if he doesn’t use any of his bare fists. He’s completely lost to him and that he’s not the man with the chainsaw. She asks how she can get him to give up his life completely and how he can actually bring the man back with a chainsaw.

Release Date

In issue #51 the previous chapter of Chainsaw Man was published. The next chapter will be published this Sunday in issue #52. Therefore, On 6th December 2020, Chainsaw Man Chapter 96 will be released on Sunday, at 12:00 JST. A raw version will be available on December 3 and a translation for fans on December 4. Enthusiasts are fascinated to see how the story unravels after Makima ripped Pochita from Denji’s dead body.

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Chainsaw Man: Where Do You Read Online?

All Chainsaw Man chapters, comprising Chainsaw Man’s Chapter 96, are accessible free on Viz Media and Mangaplus.