Behind Her Eyes

We’ve seen all six episodes of Behind Her Eyes and discovered the absolute craziness of the original on Netflix, and now we’re confused, crazy, and focused on one topic in our living room. What is next?

We hear you and have answers. Want to know if season 2 is happening behind her eyes?

Is season 2 of “Behind Her Eyes” happening?

It’s too early to say. It usually takes a few weeks for Netflix to update a series. Since the premiere of “Behind Her Eyes” yesterday, February 17th, it is too early to say whether the streaming giant wants more. But if we were a betting website, we’d say it’s a deal.
Behind Her Eyes is founded on the Sarah Pinborough novel. The Netflix series ends like a novel. Therefore, Netflix likely won’t extend the series for the next season.

How did behind her eyes end?

With a really crazy twist. He married a woman who was obsessed with his stalker. We’ll be brief. But if you’d like a longer explanation, we’ve got that too. The three of them looked like best friends, but that was a lie. In fact, Rob has always loved David and is jealous of David and Adele’s marriage.

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Somehow, Robb found a way to swap bodies with other people. Better to believe she used this newfound superhuman strength to swap bodies with Adele and pretend to be married to her obsessive love, David. But Rob didn’t stop there. He killed his own body while in Adele, thus conquering his consciousness within Adele’s body. In the final episode of Behind Her Eyes, Louisa transforms her body into a man who she thinks is Adele, but is secretly Rob. You know what will happen next. Rob, while Louise kills Louise and Adele. In short, Adele is dead, Louise is trapped in her own body, and Rob remarries the man she is obsessed with, David.

What could happen in season 2?

There are few guidelines that the new season of Behind Her Eyes can adopt. If the series wants to reject its premise, the second part could revolve around David, who will understand Rob’s trick. That would be scary. Then there’s your corner. It’s another Netflix thriller that could easily become a season-long drama on its own. But as the series progresses, its second season revolves around the antihero Joe (Penn Badgley) targeting other victims of, um, love interests. The same approach may be taken behind his eyes, but with Rob killing new love interest after new love interest. Whatever happens, this series will always be wild.