Space Jam 2

A 1996 American live-action animated sports comedy film “Space Jam” was directed by Joe Pytka and starring Basketball player Michael Jordan. The film illustrates a fictionalized summary of what occurred between Jordan’s preliminary retirement from the NBA in 1993 and his recovery.

In which he is persuaded by the Looney Tunes to enable them to win a basketball match against a group of aliens who plan to enslave them as temptations for their theme park. This time around it’s recent NBA star LeBron James who walks into Michael Jordan’s trainers to star alongside a lot of Looney Tunes Favourite. Would you believe, that one of the film’s celebrities said that it’s going to be worth a watch? And also said it will be sensational.

Space Jam 2
Source: Film Daily

Release Date

The company founded by athlete LeBron James is “Springhill Entertainment” has announced that the part Animated movie sequel will be released on 16th July 2021. So still there is a little wait for now. As aspects stand there have been no additional waits announced to the film as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Because the Productions rolled back in September 2019, before the virus hit. And the fans are hoping that there will be no further delays. A 25-year gap is being there between 1996 original and the sequel, giving rise to the new movie a small of an anniversary program as well.

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So far, no trailer has been released for “Space Jam 2”. But in the meantime, you can dig into the short video boasting the equipment LeBron James will be wearing in the movie.

Major Casts in “Space Jam 2”

• LeBron James as the Basketball player Michael Jordan
• Don Cheadle
• Eric Bauza as Bugs Bunny
• Daffy Duck
• Klay Thompson
• Anthony Davis
• Damian Lillard


Now the plotline is not known. However, the original film’s story saw resigned Basketball player Michael Jordan ally with the Looney Tunes to overthrow a team of aliens on the court and the sequel is anticipated to follow a similar pattern.

Who is making Space Jam 2

Ryan Coogler, the Black Panther director is producing the movie and also has a writing prestige alongside last collaborator Sev Ohanian. The show will be directed by Malcolm D. Lee after the previous director Terrence Nance stepped aside in June 2019.