Double Cross Season 2

UMC, AMC Networks’ Black Film and TV streaming service, has updated four of the original series, including Craig Ross Jr.’s top-rated Monogami and A House Divided, returning for the third time this season.
The streamer also extended a second season for newcomers Double Cross and Stuck With You. This is part of a new focus on Originals, with new series launching almost monthly in 2020. It helped increase subscribers by 200% in the last 12 months, according to the network, about half of the total coming after the coronavirus blockade started in March.

Making his debut in May 2018, Craig Ross Jr. followed four troubled couples who signed up for an experiment called Swap Therapy to see if their relationship was worth saving or keeping forever. The series stars are Karin Ward Ross, Brian White, Jill Marie Jones, Vanessa Simmons, Darius McCrary, Wesley Jonathan, Christy Farris and Blue Kimball. The third season should go into production in January.

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The shared home follows the Sanders family, the founders and owners of Cherny’s historic bank. Starring Demetria McKinney, Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, Brad James and Paula Jay Parker. The third season is slated for production in August and the premiere will take place this year.

Stuck With You plays Timon Kyle Durrett and Tammy Townsend as a popular celebrity couple who are revered as the faces of #RelationshipGoals, despite the fact that their relationship is far from perfect and they live separate lives behind closed doors. The second season was developed by Patricia Cuffie-Jones and will go into creation in October for a spring 2021 premiere.

Double Cross, written and directed by sibling duo Christelle and Howard Gibson, is a drama about twin brothers – an ambulance doctor and a road lord – who become on guard to wipe out the local trafficking network that has taken over their neighborhood. Jeff Logan and Ashley A. Williams starred in Darin DeWitt Hanson, Jasmine Burke and Tremaine Norris. Season 2 will start production later this year, starting in early 2021.