Pup Academy

Humans and dogs always have a difficult relationship. Countless beautifully filmed films and TV shows depict the evolving bond between these two creatures in nature. Puppy Academy is definitely one of the best advocates of this relationship.
Season 1 of the show was very successful and received very positive reviews. People were already looking forward to the show’s second season. Here are some details to give you an idea of what happened in Season 2.

Plot Season 2

In Season 1, we got to the main plot. We met two characters, Charlie and Morgan. Through the portal, they were able to enter the world where the Puppy Academy is located. However, in the second season, we learn that Professor Fritz, Dean of the Canine Academy, and DOG are going to close the Canine Academy Foundation.
They try to destroy institutions and damage their reputations. On the other hand, Charlie and Morgan want to expand their friendship with other dogs at Pup Academy. Strengthening the emotional bond between humans and dogs will be the main goal of both. A little joke is expected this season, given the overall theme of the series. Especially when the dogs are talking to each other.

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The first season of Pup Academy hit Netflix in December 2019. It’s not over yet. Several episodes of the first season have yet to be posted on the online platform. So, the second season can only be renewed after the entire first season of the show ends. This means that it can be extended to a second season no later than 2020.

Release Date

Since the first 12 episodes of the season have not yet been released. There is no possibility that production activities will begin in such a short time. It won’t start from mid to late 2020. This means the second season of the show will not air until mid-2021. There are doubts about the exact release date of the series. You can now save it for later discussion. The history of intense human-canine relationships is always interesting to all fans. Rather given the popularity of the show’s first season.

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Cast And Characters

• Don Lake as Charlie
• Christian Convery as Morgan
• Aria Birch as Izzy
• Gabrielle Miller as Molly
• Riley O’Donnell as the voice of Spark
• Chance Hurstfield as the voice of Corazon
• Dylan Schombing as the voice of Whiz
• Brian George as the voice of D.O.G.