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“A House Divided” is the original UMC series that has followed the Sanders family for generations and has grown from the confines of slavery to one of the most powerful and elite clans in Los Angeles. However, his legacy is threatened when Matriarch Pamela Sanders suddenly dies under strange circumstances and Patriarch Cameron struggles to unite them all.

House Divided Season 3 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

Praised by critics as a thriller-ending family drama, the series will end its first season in August 2019, followed by a second season. Since this is one of UMC’s most popular original shows, fans are eager to know when the premiere of the third season of “A House Divided” will premiere.

House Divided Season 3 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

The second season of “A House Divided” will premiere on April 30, 2020 on UMC. After six episodes, it ended with the finale on June 4, 2020. Shortly thereafter, Urban Movie Channel continued with Dan Garcia’s live soap opera for the next season. UMC also announced a release date for the series. The third season of House Divided is scheduled to premiere on 23 December 2020!

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Cast: Who Can Participate?

Starring Lawrence Hilton Jacobs as Cameron Sanders, Demetria McKinney as Carissa Walker, Paula Jay Parker as Stephanie Sanders, and Brad James as Cameran Sanders J. Of course, there are several other stars who have played recurring roles, including David McKnight, Taya W. Simpson and Art Evans. Lisa Ray McCoy and Parker McKenna Posey are new to season two in other supporting roles. In Season 3, all of the previous cast members will feature their original characters.

The plot : what is it all about?

The “common house” revolves around the direct descent of Letty Sanders, who was enslaved in 1800 and went on to become the richest woman in Los Angeles. However, when the present matriarch suddenly left, Cameron’s husband was left alone as he tried to reunite his family. Cameron faces several problems, including the scandal of his daughter Teresa and the potential career of Torrance in the NBA. He is also in charge of running Cameran Jr.’s wild lifestyle department, which threatens to destroy the family’s legacy. With a federal money laundering investigation underway, families must grapple with their enemies to solve their own internal problems.

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The series follows the various members on their individual journey. Meanwhile Cameran Jr. confused about her sexuality and having a secret same-sex lover, Thorns Sanders is trying hard to focus on her career. Stephanie is originally from Paris and is a photographer trying to stop the relentless ambitions of her father, Carissa. But she looks for love on her own and finds her romantic partner in Raymond, her cousin’s husband. Season 3 will continue to record many of Sanders’ personal struggles as they try to stick together despite differences.