Alice In Borderland Season 2

Season 2 Update Alice in Borderland: Alice in Borderland is one of sci-fi, thriller and thriller drama. Yoshiki Watabe, Yasuko Kuramitsu and Shinsuke Sato are the authors of this web series. Shinsuke Sato is the director of this web series. Yutaka Yamada is the composer of this web series. Kaata Sakamoto is the executive producer on this web series. Akira Mori is the producer of this web series.

Tarot Kawasu is the operator of this web series. Tsuyoshi Imai and Shoukichi Kaneda are the editors of this web series. Robot Communications Inc is a web series production company. Netflix, here is the actual system and distributor of this sequel. It is an enthusiast favorite as well and the sequel is extremely fascinating to see.

Alice in Borderland season 2 storyline

Most people wondered if there would be Alice in Borderland season 2, which created the perception given how much fans loved the first part. The first eight episodes praised their majestic backdrop, the stellar cast, and the skillfully choreographed action scenes that evoked an overwhelming appreciation of rotten tomatoes.
With the fantastic sci-fi action thriller gone, this Japanese TV series is an unusual experience that should not be overlooked by followers, and defends the assumption that many fans would love to see Alice in Borderland season 2. The series focuses on the famous Japanese manga by Haro Aso which contributed by acclaimed film producer Shinsuke Sato, known for other feeds such as Death Note: Enlighten the New World, Gantz, Inuyashiki, I Am Hero, Kingdom, Bleach and Death Note.

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Casts And Characters

Season 2 of Alice at the Borderland follows a team of intruders found in the flat Tokyo reality. After escaping, they had to participate in a slow endurance game. For those who like movies like Ready Player One, Saw, Hunger Games, or Battle Royale, this Netflix show should be at the top of their watch list. In this show, there are several main characters Ryohei Arisu along with Tao Tsuchiya. Some of the other characters are Nijiro Murakami, Keita Machida, Aya Asahina, Sho Aoyagi, and Riisa Naka. It is a consequence of this procession.