Dirty John Season 2

Dirty John is an American television series based on crime. The show is based on the podcast of the same name by Christopher Goffford. The Bravo podcast premiered in November 2018. The show is an Alexandra Cunningham creation with two seasons so far. From season 2 USA Network dominated the show.

Dirty John: Cast

Season One Actor: Connie Britton as Debra Newell, a successful, wealthy interior designer. Eric Bana John Meehan, a criminal who has a history of cheating on women who are posing as anesthetists.
• Juno Temple as Veronica Newell
• Debra’s oldest daughter
• Julia Garner as Terra Newell
• Debra’s youngest daughter.
Cast for season 2:
• Amanda Pete as Betty Broderick
• Christian Slater as Dan Broderick
• Rachel Keller as Linda Kolken.


In season one we see romance with John Meehan, full of secrets and manipulations that affect the whole family. In season two, we see Betty Broderick’s breakup with her childhood sweetheart, Dan Broderick. This leads to the devastating effect of the emotional sacrifices made for Betty. Hence what led to the murder of Dan by Betty. In addition, we are a complete combination of real crime and abuse of women’s rights.

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Season updates

So far, two seasons of Dirty John have focused on true crime stories. In season 1, we saw a con artist marry a woman and leave his family in grave danger. Likewise, in Season 2 we look at the relationship between the surviving spouses and lead to each other’s killing. USA Network hasn’t updated the events for the new Season 3 yet. However, there has been a lot of speculation that the new season will also be based on an old true crime story. Viewers of the show have high expectations from the creators of Dirty John.

Critical responses

The series received mixed and positive reviews from critics at its premiere. Initial season journal website Rotten Tomatoes has a 71% acceptance grade with a normal grade of 5.51 / 10 founded on 34 surveys. The critical consensus of the site is, “Dirty John may not be confirming the sensation of his source material, but Connie Britton is setting up a clinic with his interpretation of true review. Metacritic, which uses weighted averages, provides scores for the first season. 58 out of 100 based on 18 reviewers, indicating “mixed or average reviews”.

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In positive reviews, Entertainment Weekly’s Kristen Baldwin gave the first season of “A-” and praised her performance. She described Britton as “unbelievable flying” and told Bana that “she could make the best of Dirty John; like Meehan, the actor went from charming to cold and once again with great ease.” In an equally favourable analysis, Mike praised Mack of the first season of the Los Angeles Times, saying, “Glamorous and powerful, his shift from the most intense listening to the daily commute to the trip to wine accompaniment shows and useful linen folding is generally felt. smooth. “