Clue Season 2


With an unusual presentation idea, this drama called “Clue” was referred to the highest rated project on the main channel called E4. The series consists of only one season and its future will be shaped by a creative team. Take a look at the series’ future fate.

Brief description

The series that aired on E4 appeared for the first time and the last time was in mid-autumn 2014. The attention of the audience was obtained because of the extraordinary core of the story. What is this point? Let’s reconsider this issue. For a quick summary of the story, here’s what we can offer you: It’s about the lives of carefree teenagers as they find their essence in orgies, alcohol, and even toxic fumes. Therefore, this story is very moving and its main purpose is to raise awareness among members of the international community because the scope of the problem is global.


Young people living in small villages lead carefree lives dependent on alcohol and other bad habits. But one day, the lives of the people in the entire village change unexpectedly. The problem is, a young man died under the tractor’s wheels. This man is a member of the youth group. In this way their secret was revealed and they now have to take responsibility for this tragedy, albeit indirectly. In this way the investigation begins, and as it continues, the more gruesome details of his life are revealed. What will this investigation do? To answer this question, you need to follow the story from the series from the start. We will not notify you of the closure because you are not interested in seeing it. We can only promise you that it will be very unexpected. This will change the lives of all the villagers forever.

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The premiere of last season’s first and last season took place about two years ago and nothing inspiring has been heard from the members of the creative team since then.

The series ideas are real and therefore have to be hit by rain or lightning in the following seasons. We believe you agree with us. But the developers are sticking to the mother for the future of the project, which makes us doubt that the second season will take place in the future due to too long a hiatus.

However, taking into account the reviews of the series, as well as the general reaction of critics as casual viewers, we can’t ignore the fact that the creators were forced to update it and announce the release date of the second season of the glue. Regardless of how the situation develops, we need to be aware of new tariffs if they fall apart. Cancellations are possible, but don’t be too pessimistic and hope for better news.