Heartland' Seasons 12 & 13

Seasons 12 and 13 are out now but haven’t aired across Netflix yet. Here’s the latest Heartland streaming guide and when the new season will be available on the platform. Netflix is in no rush to kick off a new season in Heartland in some regions. In particular, the United States tends to postpone one to two seasons at any given time. There are many reasons why Heartland should be on your watchlist, but if not, check out what’s missing.


The story is based on a series of books by Lauren Brooke, which follows two sisters and a grandfather taking care of the family’s farm. It deals with major challenges and a changing farm management environment with many ups and downs along the way. The show originated on the Canadian channel CBC, where many shows are streamed on Netflix. Some of which run under Originals banners such as Workin ‘Moms and Schitt’s Creek. 2019 and November 2019 CBC confirmed that it will kick off its 14th season at the end of May 2020, but it is currently not airing in Canada until 2021.

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Heartland season 12 coming out on Netflix?

Season 12 is currently streaming on CBC in Canada and is currently available in most Netflix regions except the US. We originally wanted the US to include Season 12 in their regular episodes starting in August 2020. It’s August 2020, and it’s not yet clear when Heartland Season 12 will first air on Netflix. We asked CBC and Netflix for comment, but neither were able to provide more information on what’s going on, so we’re continuing to speculate. We’ll be watching the CBS drama and looking forward to the new season.

When will Heartland season 13 hit Netflix?

Outside of Canada, UK Netflix subscribers will be the first to receive Season 13 of Heartland. Season 13 airs on Netflix UK on March 1, 2020. Most of Netflix’s other regions are coming out soon, and Season 13 is already available. The US will get its 13th season again for the last time in Heartland, which kicks off in August 2021, but given the delay mentioned above, it’s not over yet. This is all we know now. We’ll keep updating this post as we learn more about the future of Heartland on Netflix.