Octonauts & the Great Barrier Reef

The Octonauts & The Great Barrier Reef is the latest kids’ TV show which took Australia by Strom. The show was written by Stephanie Simpson and Gabe Pulliam. It is directed by Blair Simmons. The show which is aired before Octonauts & The Great Barrier reef is The Octonauts and The Caves of Sac Actun. The genre of the Octonauts & the Great Barrier reef is comprised of Education for Kids, Kids Music, Movies Based on Books, British Movies, Children & Family Movies, and Animal Tales.

Octonauts which is better known as a crew of eight adorable sea animals. They are swimming their way to councils Nambour Civic Centre with their delightful live stage show which was named ‘Octonauts Live! Operation Reef Shield’ on Thursday, July 2 at 10.30 am. In search of some Sunshine coast friends, the Octonauts will be leaving their undersea Octopod to join them in their mission to save the great barrier reef.

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In a mission, Octonauts rally their friends to save the Great Barrier Reef. In this musical adventure fun, valiant polar bear Captain Barnacle, the big-hearted penguin Medic peso, and the daring cat Lieutenant kawazil join the forces with a host of Colourful Australian reef dwellers on their mission to save the iconic Reef.

Let’s have a look over the plotline of Octonauts & The Great Barrier Reef:

To hold back hungry swarms of Coral-eating starfish the Octonauts must find a way in this musical special to save a new friend hazardous reef home.
Together with crew star Captain Barnacles had a colorful shape of aquatic colleagues in their first-ever Octonauts harmonious.

Let’s have a look over the major casts:

• Paul Buckley
• Simon Foster
• Teresa Gallagher
• Simon Greenall
• Jo Wyatt
• Keith Wickham
• Rob Rackstraw
• Paul Panting
• Michael Murphy
• Richard Grieve

Captain Bernacles along with his team of undersea adventures have won thousands of tiny hearts across the nation with their mission to rescue, explore and protects the world marine life.
Octonauts & the great barrier reef is the second-most-watched Children’s TV show in the country which screens on ABC2.

The trailer of Octonauts & the Great Barrier Reef is available to watch on Netflix.