Prodigal Son Season 2

Updates of “Prodigal Son” Season 2

If you like to watch crime and dark puzzles then this collection is an excellent game for you. With its new season “Prodigal Son” is coming again to rock the ground. The fascinating storyline of this internet show tends to catch the attention of its lovers.

The show maintains the audiences synced to the endless mystery of the internet anthology “Prodigal Son”.

Release Date

In September 2019, the first season of “Prodigal Son” aired on FOX. And recently in May 2020 from the production house, the show has been renewed for its second season. Till now any official announcement has not been established by the production still. However, it is assumed that the next season of the “Prodigal Son” set to be published on FOX by the end of the year or by early 2021. But, due to the global coronavirus pandemic the filming delays. So, the upcoming season isn’t sure if it will come out as per the scheduled Release date.

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Cast List of “Prodigal Son” Season 2

From Season 1 the featuring superstar is predicted to return back to the screen continuing their roles for the second season.
Therefore, the cast list comprises of:
• Tom Payne as Malcolm Bright
• Michael Sheen as Martin Whitley, the serial killer.
• Halson Sage as Ainsely
• Bellamy Young as Jessica
While the other supporting characters who hoped to return for season 2 were Lou Diamond Phillips, Frank Harts, Aurora Perrineau, and Keiko Agena.

Expected Plot Of “Prodigal Son” Season 2

The story mainly focused on the male protagonist of the show, Malcolm Bright whose dad Martin Whitely is a serial killer known as The Surgeon. Malcolm, in his youth, was the only means to prove his father guilty of his crimes.  Finally, Malcolm Bright combines the NYPD as a Criminal profile to once again solve the mystery. Bright does this to get to understand more about the truths regarding his father and the crime.
But, As of now, there is not any evidence regarding what’s going to happen in Season 2. A small teaser trailer seems to imply that it will mainly focus on Ainsley Whitley after the dramatic season one Cliffhanger. So, the new season is going to be surely worth binge-watching.