the unicorn season 2

On October 1st, The Unicorn surprisingly touched down on Netflix USA and will be coming back for a second season. From our point of view, the bigger question is whether the series will return to Netflix for a second season. Here’s what we already know.

First, if you’re still not acquainted with the series, let’s keep pace with it quickly. The Unicorn was a sleeper hit that aired in 2019 on CBS. Walton Goggins stars in the starring role in the comedy and plays a widower who faces an uphill battle as he attempts to raise his two children alone. It scored well with critics and audiences, but it got off to a modest start with its ratings, as with most fledgling shows. A second season order was awarded to the series alongside most of the CBS lineup in May 2020. With many of its productions similarly impacted by COVID-19 as with Netflix, a second season launch date is still to be set on CBS.

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Can we expect to see season 2 of The Unicorn be out on Netflix?

So before we dive into when it might be on Netflix, let’s tackle whether it’s going to happen first. We’re unsure about the answer, but probably we’re not inclined towards it. The reason for this is that the rights to season 1 were acquired by Netflix as part of a so-called CBS marketing effort. The same applies to Evil, which also gets a second season and does not know if Netflix will hit season 2 because it has arrived on similar terms.

If Netflix manages to secure the season 2 streaming rights somehow (which we don’t think is the case right now), we should expect it to hit around the same time in 2021, around October. What we definitely know is that season 2 will be called Paramount+ on CBS All Access, which may air in season 2.

Does Netflix pick up the Unicorn globally?

Only the United States was included in the deal for season 1. According to our research, international rights to the series remain unsold, so it is a possibility that Netflix may scoop them up, but CBS properties are bought elsewhere in most cases.