The Ghost Bride Season 2

A Netflix Original “The Ghost Bride” chronicles the lives of a young woman named Li Lan and her family living in the 1980s Malacca. 60 minutes is the running time of the show.
To marry the son of the Lim Family who has deep pockets, Li Lan received a proposal. The son was dead.

Li Lan is asked to become the ghost bride by her family since her family is not rich. But it seems that things take a sinister twist and Li Lan understood that her family isn’t safe anymore. The show was based on a best-selling novel of a prominent author Choo Yangsze. The extraordinary thriller has been modified to screen by a team of talented writers led by Taiwanese American writer, Wu Kai Yu.
The show captions a love triangle, associated with Chinese Urban Legends and supernatural twists. So, if you are fascinated by horror shows fluctuating around forbidden age-old customs and an unlucky protagonist. Then, “The Ghost Bride” would be the nicest show to contemplate. The first season of the show become very famous among the fans. So the fans are eager to know about the second season.

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Release Date of Season 2

The first season of the show was broadcasted on Netflix on 23rd January 2020. All the six episodes of this awaited series were made available for streaming on the same day on Netflix.
The Ghost Bride seems to be a very popular Netflix original series. So if there is no carry forward of the series, it will be quite shocking. The Audience would really get upset and unhappy if it doesn’t get another season as it is a much-awaited series. But, if the series will be renewed for the second season then Season 2 will be broadcasted eventually in January 2021.

Major Cast

• Huang Peijia as Pan Li Lan
• Chris Wu as Er Lang
• Ludi Lin as Lim Tian Bai
• Lim Tian Ching as Kuang Tian
• Susan Leong as Amah
• Meeki Ng as Yu-Li
• Janet Hsieh as Hsiao Yu
• Jordan Voon as Mr. Pan
• Angeline Tan as Madam Lim
• Jojo Goh as Lim Yan Hong
• Teresa Daley as Isabel

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A Short Synopsis

The series was set in the 1890s Malacca. Li-Lan discovers herself in immortality and becomes embroiled in a dilemma associated with the Sinister, perished son of a wealthy family.