The God of High School Season 2

Season 1 of The God of High School has just concluded on 28 September 2020, but fans are already admiring when will the popular anime is expected to return for season 2. A 2020 Anime show “God of High School” was based on a Korean webtoon, which is directed by SungHoo Park and written by Kiyoko Yoshimura.

The God of High School Season 2: When will it Premiere?

On July 6th, 2020, Season 1 of ‘God of High School’ premiered with a total of 13 episodes. And, finished airing on September 28, 2020. Because it is a manhwa adaptation so there was already an amount of advertisement around ‘God of High School’ just before it premiered. The massive achievement secured the popularity of manhwa adaptations and made viewers expect a lot from ‘God of High School.’

The God of High School did not disappoint the fans. Because of its quick runtime, swift successions, and original arcs, the demand for its second season appears to be high.
Numerous plot points of season 1 are left hanging, which indicates that Mappa Studio slated to renew it very soon. The recent ‘God of High School’ manhwa comprises of six volumes. The anime skips many elementary arcs of the manhwa, still manages to cover two seasons. Till now no official confirmations regarding its release have been made. Therefore, we can expect Season 2 to release sometime in Early 2022.

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Major Characters:

• Jin Mori
• Han Dewai
• Yu Mira
• Hui Mori
• ILpoy Park
• Seungchul Baek
• Manseok Gang and many more…

Where can You Watch God of High School Online?

Season 1 of ‘The God of High School’ is available on Crunchyroll with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles. You can also look out into its original manhwa on Webtoons.

What Can Season 2 of “God of High School” be about?

The ‘God of High School’ second season introduces us to Taejin Jin. He grasps a broad new martial arts style through a North Korean soldier, who was caught by the South Korean government.
When Taejin and his men preside to North Korea to examine weird energy readings coming out there. They understand that North Koreans are protecting something inside their tunnels.
That is when they confront a mighty gorilla-like creature. When a war ensues between them, the gorilla loses but gives Taejin a crystal that contains Jin Mori. And that’s how our central protagonist comes into life.