Who are the Taliban and How will The Taliban Victory in Afghanistan Affect India?

Who are the Taliban and How will The Taliban Victory in Afghanistan Affect India?

Taliban Victory in Afghanistan Affects India: In 2001 the Taliban were driven from Kabul by US troops. Now, almost after two decades, the Taliban have regained their powers in Afganistan on Sunday. Although the Afghan security forces were well funded and well equipped still they showed less resistance as Taliban militants took over much of the country. Apart from this, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has left the presidential palace to Taliban fighters and has fled the country. Now, what will be the future of Afganistan? Who is supporting the Taliban? and How will this affect India? These are something that needs to be discussed. 

Who are the Taliban?

The Taliban are a group of former Afghan resistance fighters. Moreover, they are altogether known as mujahedeen. Initially, this group was formed back in 1994. In the 1980s, they fought the invading Soviet forces and in 1996 they came into power in Afganistan. The drawback of their rule was that they aimed at imposing their interpretation of Islamic law on the country and restrictions of any foreign influence. Apart from this various strict rules were put in place which included:

  • Women had to wear head-to-toe coverings
  • They weren’t allowed to study or work along with being forbidden from traveling alone
  • TV, music, and non-Islamic holidays were banned 

However, all this changed after the 9/11 attack. This attack was headed by al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. He operated this attack from inside of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Consequently, US and allied forces invaded Afghanistan, in order to stop al Qaeda from using Afghanistan as a base of operations for terrorist activities. Since then Taliban lost its power over Afganistan US set up government took over along with the NATO force. 

How will this Taliban Retaking of Afghanistan Affect India?

Up till now, India has invested about $2 billion in aid to Afghanistan. Some of the investments of India include Chabahar port in Iran which is a trade route that freed Afghanistan from the chokehold of Karachi. Currently, New Delhi has been isolated. However, this is a crucial time for India. And all that India can do right now to sit on the sidelines and wait until the opportunity presents itself.

Apart from this, considering the present scenario Taliban have tried to present a better them. Also, they have claimed to be committing to a peace process and willing to maintain some rights for women. Currently, it’s hard to say anything that what will be the future of Afganistan and how is it going to affect the world. 

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