Craftopia Season 2

HBO Max renews ‘Craftopia’ latest season, introduces adult participants, and introduces holiday episodes. The non-scripted crafting competition series, Craftopia, has been renewed on HBO Max for a second season.

All that is unveiled!

The streamer ordered the eight-part Craftopia: Holiday Showdown series, which for the first time will feature adult contestants. Kids up to 15 competing to win craft challenges were featured in the first season. In May, the first season was launched. The new series will be launched in 2021, hosted and executive produced by YouTuber Lauren Riihimaki.

There’s more to know!

May began the first season. The new series will debut in 2021 and will be hosted and implemented by YouTuber Lauren Riihimaki. In addition, four festive holiday specials for children will be released by streamer later this year. Two Halloween episodes will follow in November later this month, followed by two winter episodes. In addition, the streamer will later this year launch four festive holiday-themed specials featuring children. Later this month, two Halloween episodes will air, followed in November by two winter episodes.

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The premise of the show

Craftopia is a handcrafted challenge for young people with participant ages ranging from 9 and 15. In order to create various items within a period of time, contestants are given challenges. The participant’s race to complete their trolleys with components from the ‘store’ before each task, and then perform to craft various designs following the procedures provided. In able to obtain home the “Craftropia and $5,000,” the aim is to build what the judges consider the best creation overall.

This year the second season, this time with the adult competition, has been renovated by HBO in the ‘Craftopia’ crafting competition series.

Production of the show.

Craftopia: Holiday Showdown, the second season, will be pioneered by showrunner Claire Kosloff and executive produced for B17 Entertainment by Rhett Bachner and Brian Meagher. The show was developed by a subsidiary of Industrial Media, B17 Entertainment, and hosted by Lauren Riihimaki, known simply as LaurDIY. In October 2019, the series was first revealed. It was revealed in April 2020 that Craftopia would release on May 27, 2020, alongside the streaming service HBO Max.