Gotham Season 6

What happened to season 6 of Gotham?

The Action/adventure crime TV series is known for its Batman franchise actor. Gotham is an American crime drama television series where the characters mainly rely on the DC franchise of Batman. In particular, James Gordon and Bruce Wayne characters. From 22 September 2014, the TV series was broadcast on the Fox Network and ended on 25 April 2019. All five seasons of the Fox TV series have enjoyed the popular TV series, which has a huge fandom. Fans asked if the 6th season was for renewal or if it was cancelling the popular show.

Stars Gotham is Mr Ben McKenzie, Mr Donal Logue, Mrs Robin Lord Taylor, Mrs Cory Michael Smith and Mr David Mazouz. The FOX Series showcases before they became legends, the early days of the then detective James Gordon, played by McKenzie. Please read more about whether or not the Gotham Season 6 will be renewed.

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Why has season 6 been cancelled?

It is highly unlikely that Gotham TV will be renewed. While the Gotham show fans had called for a renewal of season 6, the show was not decent while season 4 was broadcast. At the time, in May 2018 already, FOX said Gotham will finish the Batman prequel series in the fifth season itself.

So season 5 of Gotham ended up with twelve episodes that were significantly lower than the other 22 seasons. Ben McKenzie is the star of the series, Jim Gordon who plays an important part in the whole TV series. The role of Bruce Wayne is depicted by David Mazouz.

The show was initially focused on the early days of Gordon and the police department in Gotham but later tended to show tracks of other Batman franchise characters, including Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and even Joker.

Gotham: The plot

Bruce Wayne’s character paid for by David Mazouz was transformed into Batman in the fifth and last season. In the final season i.e. Season 5, fans from Gotham saw the evolution of Jim Gordon in the iconic DC comics as a moustached lawmaker. Although the manufacturers are trying to make the 6th season, there can be no sign of showing the Batman franchise as a prequel as all possible unexplained loophole are evident from season 5.

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Although Gotham actor Donal Logue has just told the media that revival could sometime be possible. But the official notice as such is not available.