Real Life Nightmare Season 2

In other words, Real Life Nightmare is more disturbing than fiction. This HLN original show airs Sunday, November 8 at 10 pm ET / PT. Real-Life Nightmare presents heartbreaking, private, and mysterious deaths that still disturb researchers and scare those left behind.

The series features unprecedented proof plus an appeal that offers viewers the chance to engage in the investigation. HLN Investigation led by managing producer Elizabeth Yuskaitis produces the six-hour series of episodes.

List of episodes

  • “Murders on Lake Oconee” (November 8, 2020). The headless body of Russell Dermond is found in the garage of his one-million-dollar lake-front mansion.  His girlfriend, Shirley, is found in the water floating dead, her ankles bound to the blocks of the film. There remains one crucial piece of evidence.
  • “Vanished from school” (November 15, 2020). Soon, the boy will never be seen again following Kyron Horman’s 7-year-old stepmother who takes a picture of him at a school science show. His loss is one of Oregon’s most critical mysteries and inquiries.
  • “Missing Skelton Brothers” (22 November 2020): The next day after Thanksgiving, 3 young brothers have been confirmed missing. In a surprising twist, their papa insists that he gave them to an underground group. But, his story is not aggregated by researchers.
  • “Vanished from the crib” (29 November 2020). In the middle of the night, Baby Lisa Irwin goes to bed out of her bed. The mystery is only introduced through stolen mobile phones and a troubling debit card fee on the account of a parent.
  • “You’ll never find Him” (December 6, 2020). Six-year-old Timmothy Pitzen disappears after 3 days trip to waterparks and zoos with his family. His mother is found dead with a sinister twist in a hotel room beside her.
  • “Hell’s Spring Break”(December 13, 2020): In Drexel, 17-year-old Brittanee is suddenly gone from spring in Myrtle Beach, the spring break. Soon, she leaves the hotel for a friend, but never again is she seen. The case comes alive, however, when shocking facts come out of jail cells.
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But, when will Season 2 air?

A live stream of Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, smart TV, Samsung, Smart TV, Android TV, and CNN mobile applications for iOS and Android. It is being provided by the customers through CNNgo Go and via CNNgo. Consequently, on request, every episode is available on cable/satellite systems the day after their television premiere.