Tonikawa Season 2


Tonikawa is the light at the end of the tunnel for 2020. She provides fan service they’ve never seen from Maid Sama and Bunny Girl Senpai. This great anime has ended, leaving its fans in a void of darkness. Tonikawa describes a lonely weekend and lets her feel the essence of the relationship and how she expresses the best in a person. In today’s article, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about the Tonikawa Season 2 release date.

Tonikawa Season 2 Release date

Tonikawa is an outstanding anime and has proven itself worthy during the global pandemic. In addition to the ongoing action anime, this friendly and healthy anime has kept everyone sane for the past few months. We are very grateful for the anime released this one time. Apart from that, there are no reports regarding the release date of Tonikawa Season 2.

Tonikawa OVA has been announced

Immediately after the premiere of the final episode, the announcement trailer showed the confirmation of the OVA. The original animated video will be released in the summer of 2021. Fans were overwhelmed to learn that the Tonikawa franchise heard their fans’ prayers. This is a step closer to the announcement of Tonikawa’s second season.

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Tonikawa Season 2 – Plot

Tonikawa is currently following the manga. It covers almost everything up to volume 5. Regardless of the main storyline, funny scenes drive fans crazy. It was done exactly as the fans wanted. This relaxed anime that doesn’t take it too seriously leaves fans feeling refreshed.

Will there be a second season 2??

Tonikawa Season 2 has many reasons to support the update. It has suitable source material that has multiple plots for anime coverage. The manga did quite well and was selling well. With all this in mind, it can be said that Tonikawa’s second season will take place in the future.

Where can you see Tonikawa Season 2?

Given that there will be a second season of Tonikawa, we are assuming that it will air on the same site as usual. Tonikawa Season 2 will be available primarily on Crunchyroll. Also learn the entire manga on Viz.


Tonikawa has two names: passing the moon for you and flying to the moon. The manga series, created by Kenjiro Hata, was published in 2018 and continues with nearly 13 volumes published to date. Weekly Shounen Sunday is currently serializing the hilarious part of the Life series. The story revolves around Nasa, a smart boy who wants to become an astronaut, and Tsukasa, who saves his life from a bus accident by crashing and injuring himself. He asks her to be his girlfriend, to which he replies that he will only accept her if they get married. Two years later, she landed at her door with a legal marriage certificate to marry NASA. Hence, a charming little love sequence begins for a couple living together.