Sing On! Germany Season 2

‘Sing on! Germany is an exciting music competition that intensively carries the karaoke concept. Like “Sing On! But in the end, there were good results. Full of fun, without competition, consisting mostly of singing competitions: “Sing On!” And after we drank in season one, we definitely wanted more shows. Here’s everything we know about the next release.

Sing On! Germany Season 2 Release Dates

‘Sing On! Season 1 Germany, released on August 7, 2020, on Netflix. It consists of seven episodes. Right now, after the first episode had just ended, it was too early to predict anything about the show’s future. But here’s the problem! Netflix seems to be trying to improve its script and Sing On! Franchises are welcomed. Since the German iteration has opened rave reviews both at home and abroad, we are very confident of receiving a follow-up edition.

Sing On! Germany Host of the second season

‘Sing On! Germany is moderated by Paulina Rozynski, who started her television career with MTV Home in 2009. Since then she has switched to VIVA, RTL, ZDFneo, and ProSieben. In addition to his projects as a presenter and artist, Rozhinsky appeared in “Jesus Loves Me” and “Welcome to the Hartmans”. He performs his own podcast, Podkinski. Rozhinski will also continue his homework in season 2.

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Sing On Germany season 2 will be About?

Each episode of “Sing On! Germany gives us a number of competitors fighting for a cash prize of up to 30,000 euros. With each beat of a note, singers have the opportunity to earn more money. For this purpose, the Vocal Analyzer is used to calculate artist attendance. After each round, the participant with the lowest hit rate will be asked to leave the show.

The exact protocol will be attended to in each successive round until a periodical winner is inferred. Meanwhile, presenter Paulina Rozhinski commented on various appearances. Sometimes she even picks up the microphone herself and pours the show into hilarious openings called The Paulina Show.