Hunt Together Season 2

When can we expect season 2 to arrive?

However, another season of We Hunt Together appears likely, since the current season is marketed by Showtime as “Season 1.” The channel would categorize the show as such if it were to be a limited series. The popularity of the show will be the ultimate decider of its future seasons. The long-term plan for We Hunt Together is unclear. Much will depend on the performance of the showtime. Alibi, its original network, is likely to produce a second season, but then Showtime will broadcast it. 

Or perhaps Alibi is not going to take a second season and Showtime is going to take regarding production. Or both Alibi and Showtime could want another season, or neither could. Everything’s in the air right now!

The potential cast of season 2?

The DS Lola Franks is played by Eve Myles. Lola is an experienced policeman who traces violent assassinations. Eve is a talented actress, known as ‘Torchwood’ for her appearance. Jackson Reid is joining Babou Ceesay. Jackson’s new to the job and hits the road. But, as Reid learns the ropes, Lola is not losing her patience – too much. When the detectives find their rhythm, they start to advance. 

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Hermione Corfield and Dipo Ola complete the cast with Freddy Lane and Baba Lenga, respectively. The cast is also known for ‘Free Fire’ works. It’s the evil guys being chased. We expect the whole lead to come back in season 2.

What can be the next story arc?

‘We Hunt Together’ shows London as the soil where the inherent darkness of people comes to light. DS Lola is in a case where the victims were not only murdered but flagrantly humiliated. They will soon start tracking a couple who seem to be on the chase. As the detectives Lola and Reid realize that the female they daresay has often liked to be intellectually superior to the guys she’s dated, there’s some sparring of wits.