Enola Holmes 2

Sherlock Holmes’s younger sister, Enola Holmes proves to be her own version of detective in this Netflix Original film. Certainly, the film’s mystery leaves unanswered questions and some clues about a potential movie sequel. Enola Holmes’ begins as an eponymous heroine, dedicated to discovering her missing mother’s whereabouts (Helena Bonham Carter). Sherlock (Henry Cavill) and Mycroft (Sam Claflin) reunite in their humble country house to investigate the same. 

Consequently, they decided to chuck Enola Holmes into a kindergarten, where she could become a submissive wife and a proper lady. However, Enola flees to London. The case of The Missing Marquess sides with him.

Will there be a sequel?

Enola Holmes 2
Source: IMDb

Naturally, the main question will be: do people want more Enola Holmes? Following Extraction, Bird Box, and the Old Guard, Enola Holmes’ success. In other words, it means for a Streaming service that does not issue traditional ratings is a huge shoe. But it certainly seems like a franchise-worthy concept, especially as there are two of the most distinguished Netflix stars on the movie.

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What could the plot of Enola Holmes 2?

The Streaming Service is going to blend Springer with crowd-pleasing reviews if Enola Holmes takes off on Netflix. In particular, Jack Thorne, a screenwriter, provided too many details about the secret suffragette society of Mrs. Holmes. It is not just her mystery. But the evolving message that Enola and Sherlock should play an active part in making the world happen. Enola Holmes does not completely solve the mystery of her mother. So if the siblings continued to search and understand, if not for her, it would be meaningful. This could not mean Carter returning to the franchise immediately. Like Edith, Wokoma could be a substitute for Enola’s Buffy and also a sort of Giles. However, this could educate her in both combat and feminist activism.

But while fans could expect more Cavill (I definitely am), filmmakers must be careful about playing too much of a role for them. In the film and out could swallow up the importance of this spunky girl detective the world-renowned Sherlock person. Enola must remain the focus. Yet the concept’s fun part is to see how Holmes’ canon touchstones are revisited. The sprinkling of missing Watson plot and her siblings’ rivalry with wit and restricted warmth. The key is to strike an exciting balance between the new and the well known.