Train To Busan Season 3

Director Yeon Sang-Ho introduces the “Train to Busan” second installment of the zombie horror franchise. It is followed by a soldier who leads the team to the zombie virus-infested Korean Peninsula. And retrieves trucks full of money. The premise is significantly different from the first film in the series. So, if you are interested in the emergence of the third movie, then this article is for you.

Release Date

On 15th July 2020, “Train to Busan 2” was inaugurated in South Korea. The film was planned to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival this year. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was discontinued. It was subsequently released in the US on August 21, 2020. It was well-received as an apocalyptic film mainly due to its sequence of actions. I know the director is working on a third film, but I still have little information about it. However, “Train To Busan” Season 3 can be expected to be launched after 2022.

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Casts & Characters

Gang Dong-Won as Jung Seok, the former soldier in charge of the fundraising mission. We also saw Lee Jung-Hyun play the enigmatic character Min Jung. She saw the main character trying to escape Korea a few years ago. Min-jung’s daughter, Lee Re as Jooni, who does her best to help the survivors by driving an armored vehicle.
If you’re a fan of the Korean franchise, then you’ll find that the characters in the two films don’t overlap. Moreover, both stories contain anecdotes about different parts of the world. So I’m pretty sure none of the above commenters will reprise their role in the sequel.

About Season 3

The director explained the story from the previous season that the Busan Train is evacuating from a similar galaxy for four years. But the story did not continue and there were other characters.
After the outbreak of zombies in Korea, the power of the government collapsed. Only the geographical features of the region remained, so the film was named the Korean Peninsula. Jung Seok, even in these harsh conditions can see the $ 20 million squads as a means of food transportation.
However, their tour revealed that many survivors in the area were not infected. Regarding the emergence of the zombie virus, the director said, “I’m going to solve this problem in another film and probably won’t do it myself.” With that in mind, they do think that there may be a science lab in the third movie of the series. That has been proven to produce viruses. We can only see how scientists have not limited the spread. And how government inaction (or other similar reactions) turns it into an end-time disease.