Utopia Season 5

Utopia Season 5

The Logie Prize-winning Australian TV comedy program by Working Dog Productions was a premiere at the ABC on 13 August 2014, with the International title Dreamland (Dreamland). Utopia The series follows the life of a team in the newly established governmental Nation Building Authority. 

The second series was broadcast in 2015, with the first episode being broadcast on 19 August 2015. The third series was broadcast in 2017 and started on 19 July 2017 with the first episode. The fourth series was broadcast in 2019 and started on 21 August 2019.

The plotline of the series

The series will be presented within the offices of the newly created Governmental Authority Nation Building Authority. The Authority will oversee major projects in infrastructure from new roads and railway lines to airports.

There are several recurrent themes in the series. The office is constantly centered on different modes. After a visit by a Heart Smart representative and regularly practicing local yoga in the office, the staff becomes obsessed with practice in one episode. In another case, after he dies and asks for a replacement for Tony’s (Sitch) plant, Amy (Davidson) hires an inroad plant consultant, making major changes to office air conditioning and lighting.

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Rhonda (Flanagan) attends frequently lectures and workshops on various on-line media forms. 

The cast of Utopia Season 5

  • Rob Sitch, He plays Tony Woodford the Chief Executive Officer in the series. 
  • Anthony Lehmann, an Australian actor, comedian, television and tv presenter plays Jim Gibson, a  Government Liaison in the series. 
  • Australia, plays Nat Rusell, the Cheif Operations Officer in the series. 
  • Dave Lawson is an Australian TV and radio performance artist. He is a stand-up comedy performer and was at the same time a radio speaker at commercial radio station Nova 100. He plays Scott Byrnes the Project Assistant of Tom Woodford in the series. 
  • The Australian comedian, writer, and actor, Kitty Flanagan performs in Australia and the United Kingdom. She has performed at Edinburgh Festival and the Fringe and Montreal Festival Just For Laughs in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Japan. She plays Rhonda Stewart, the Public Relations Manager in the series. 
  • Emma-Louise Wilson plays Katie Norris, Tony Woodford’s Personal Assistant.