Woke Season 2

Woke Season 2

The beginning of the new series from Hulu, ‘Woke’ was about a  black cartoonist coming to terms with America’s racism. The cartoonist seemed to have fully woken at the end of the season. However, the show is not over. The climax of the season ended with a strong suggestion that there will be another season. So will Woke Season 2 launch on Hulu? The streamer hasn’t announced any renovations or cancellations, but the show seems to continue.

What is Woke about? 

Woke debuted on Hulu on Wednesday, 9th September. In the first season comprised of eight episodes. Further, it shows is a fictional reportage of a traumatic event in the cartoonist- Keith Knight’s life. Keith is disturbed when a police officer discriminates against him while hanging up a poster. After this event, Knight started publishing comics dealing with real-world problems.

Woke Season 2
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In Woke, Lamorne Morris plays Knight’s fictional counterpart, Keef. Keef starts hearing voices when a police officer wrongfully detains Keef him. With some motivation from the speech of markers, basket cans, and malt liquor bottles, Keef denounces the anti-Black racism.

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Spoiler alert: Season 1 spoilers are here!

The season’s climax brings things to a full circle. In short, Keef confronts the cop who held a gun against him. Initially, Keef resigned to simply having a meeting with him and moving on with his life. After that the cop was dismissive and clearly unapologetic about his actions, so Keef began to taunt him. The cop classified the splashes as assaulting an officer who had landed Keef behind bars for several hours.

His release was a big surprise. Keef walked from the police station to a horde of cameras and reporters. As a result, realizing that his act of defiance had made him a viral sensation. Keef’s marker saying, “And so it begins,” are the final words of the season. It suggests that the show may continue with another season.

What can be expected? 

With regard to the material, Woke can work with a lot for the second season. In other words, the 1st season finale seems to suggest that Keef’s fame will be his second season. Currently, Hulu did not renew Woke for Season 2 and the channel did not terminate Woke. Therefore, fans will need to wait until the decision comes in the near future.