Woke Season 2

Keith Knight and Marshall Todd have created the comedy series on television called “Woke.” The show made its debut on9th September 2020. Jay Dyer is the executive producer of the series and it only has one season till now. Woke was released on Hulu and it had 8 episodes.

Even though the first season of the show was released just a few days back, the fans are already wanting to get a season 2. The last season, Keef Knight was subjected to spending time behind bars. Upon his release, he got to know that he was made the face of a social justice movement. The viewers are eager to know what happens next.

What about season 2?

Hulu has not made any statements about this topic. But it is very possible that the network might approve a season 2 for “Woke”. In the present time, issues of racism are getting more importance and this is the perfect moment for shows like Woke. Even though this show was created before George Floyd was killed, the show has a good narrative to tackling social issues prominent in our society, like racism.

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The series raises the question of actions and fear of actions. It may be possible that a person has a voice but he or she might be afraid to put the use of it. The show has a very good message and everyone should watch it at least once in their lives. It deals with the complex lives of being an African American and presents the plot with a great dose of satire. It is no surprise that the fans have praised the method of storytelling used in this show.

The good news is that the plot of the show is inspired by the life of Keith himself, so there is no question of being deprived of content, Given the popularity of this show, continuing it will be a wise decision. As of now, the network has not renewed or even canceled it.

The cast

  • Lamorne Morris as Keef
  • Blake Anderson as Gunther
  • Murph as Clovis
  • Rose McIver as Adrienne
  • Sashee Zamata as Ayana