Wynonna Earp Season 4

Emily Andras has developed supernatural horror series based on the comic book. The comic book has the same name as the series and it is created by Beau Smith. The dark fantasy drama series only has 3 seasons until now. Each episode lasts 43 minutes. But the series has a confirmation of renewal. This is not surprising because the show is loved by many. It was called the best new show of 2016 by E! Entertainment Television. The show also has decent ratings. Viewers loved the gritty and silly fun portrayed in the show. Fans can rest easy. It was about to be released last year but there was a delay due to financial problems. But it will surely happen.

What’s the story about?

The titular character is the descendant of famous lawman Wyatt Earp. Wynonna Earp fights all kinds of supernatural beings to keep her home town safe. Later on, she is recruited by a secret government agency named Black Badge Division or BBD. The first season shows the rivalry between Bobo Del Rey, the leader of the revenants, and Wynonna. The last season showed revelations about Wynonna’s sister Waverly’s parentage and resurrection of a demon. Season 4 will have more interesting plotlines and the supernatural drama will not disappoint the expectations.

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When is it going to release?

It is announced officially by the network that the new season 4 will be released on 26th July 2020 at 10 p.m. But there was a glitch in production plans due to the coronavirus so the season gets split onto two parts. The first part of the season will only have six episodes while there are no updates about the release of the second part yet. It is said that the production work for the second half will start later this summer.

Is there a trailer?

There is a trailer for season 4 available online. Make sure you give it a watch to form some ideas about the next season. The trailer shows Wynonna worrying about protecting her loved ones.

The cast

Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp.
Dominique Provost-Chalkley as Waverly Earp.
Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday.
Katherine Barrell as Nicole Haught.