Xico's Journey

Netflix has developed the diffusion rights for Xico’s Journey, a Spanish cartoon that will be broadcasted worldwide on Netflix on February 12, 2021. The film will open on Netflix worldwide in February 2021, after making its theatrical debut in Mexico in November 2020.

Behind the film is Mexico’s Anima Estudios, who is known for countless different films, including “The Wizard’s Tale” and “The Best Cat: The Movie”. They are also the studio behind Netflix’s Legend Quest series.

Xico’s Journey, or El Camino de Xico as it is known in Spanish territory, is a bad versus good tale for three friends hoping to stop a bad company from adopting something of significant cultural value in order to win quickly.

Here is the official Netflix description:

A girl, a dog, and her nicest friend set out to protect the peak from a corporation that is eager for the jewel. But the answer is to get nearer to home with their assistance puppy, Xico.
The film is 85 minutes long and currently has an IMDb rating of 6.8, but so far only a handful of ratings.

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Xicos Journey Netflix screen

The Netflix snippet reveals that Netflix has posted multiple duplicates, with the original Spanish version available worldwide. It also contains duplicates for:
• Arab
• English
• Hindi
• polish

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Xico’s Journey was written by Enrique Renteria and directed by Eric D. Cabello Diaz. It contains the singing talents of Verónica Alva, Luis Angel Jaramillo and Pablo Gama Iturrarán.