Xico's Journey

Xico’s Journey is a Spanish animated film that opens on Netflix on February 12, 2021. It will be released for the first time in Mexico in November 2020. The distribution rights for Xico’s Journey is being acquired by the Netflix and also the film will be accessible to stream to viewers worldwide. According to What’s On Netflix, the film was made by Anima Estudios from Mexico, who has also released a number of different films such as A Wizard’s Tale and Top Cat: The Movie. Behind Netflix’s Legend Quest series they were also the studio.

Xico’s Journey, or El Camino de Xico (in Spanish), is based on the story of three friends who hope to stop a bad business. The official description reads: A girl, a dog, and their best friends set out to save the mountain from a gold-hungry company. But the key is to be closer to home, with his service dog, Xico. It was written by Enrique Renteria and directed by Eric D. Cabello Diaz. The voices behind the characters include

• Verónica Alva
• Luis Angel Jaramillo
• Pablo Gama Iturrarán
The film can be watched with subtitles in the following languages: Arabic, English, Hindi and Polish and is 85 minutes long.

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About the show:

This original Netflix film is about a girl, her service dog, Xico, and her best friend, and will premiere on February 12.

Xico’s Journey: When will it air?

Xico’s journey arrives on Netflix February 12, 2021. So get ready to see this incredible show.

In roles and teams

• Pablo Gama Ituraran as Xico
• Verónica Álvarez as Copi
• Luis Angel Haramillo as Gus
• Lila Downs as Petra
There are still many other animated films to look forward to in 2021.