young wallander

Young Wallander is an upcoming action and thriller web series. Ole Endresen and Jens Jonsson are the directors of the show. The series is the adaptation of the character Kurt Wallander. Kurt is a Swedish Police Inspector. He is the protagonist of many mystery novels. Henning Mankell is the creator of the character. The character, Kurt Wallander has been a part of many actions and mystery movies. For the first time, Wallander (Swedish TV series) featured Kurt Wallander in a TV series. 

The character himself is very popular in Swedish movies, novels, and TV series. Many of the adaptions have won prestigious awards. In this article, we will focus on yet another adaptation of the famous character Kurt Wallander. However, the upcoming show has no relation with any of the novels and the movie series released prior.


Kurt Wallander is a young Swedish police officer. When he was younger, he got stabbed with a butcher’s knife, during an investigation. He has a daughter, Linda, with whom he does not have very good relations. His wife, Mona leaves him. Inspector Wallander has drinking and anger issues. He takes on the crimes to a personal level. One day, he shoots and kills a man in a fog. He later finds out that the person he killed is not the person he is looking for. This makes him doubt his service as an Inspector.

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Nevertheless, he faces constant issues with his family. Especially his father. Kurt’s father is a painter who has drawn the same landscape for more than 7000 times for living. He is against Kurt being a Police Officer. In the adaptation, Young Wallander, the creators have featured the life of Kurt when he was a teenager. And how an incident where he was unable to save a person from getting killed inspired him to be a Police Officer.

This is a prequel of the novel series.

Release Dates:

The fans of Kurt Wallander are waiting desperately for the release of the prequel. The show, Young Wallander will release on September 3, 2020., on Netflix.


Adam Pålsson as Kurt Wallander

Richard Dillane as Hemberg

Leanne Best as Frida Rask

Ellise Chappell as Mona.