Young Wallander

After embarking on a diverse life on Netflix, many fans worry about Young Wallander’s future. However, when news broke that Young Wallander would be returning for a second season in November 2020, those concerns were gone. Keeps track of all the news for Young Wallander Season 2, including status updates and TV series release dates. Young Wallander is the original Netflix crime series based on Kurt Wallander, Henning Mankel’s most popular science fiction sleuth. Unlike his predecessor, Young Wallander now plays for Sweden and kicked off the career of Kurt Wallander.

Netflix’s Young Wallander Season 2 Status Update

As usual, it takes a while to update a show on Netflix, and after a few cancellations, young Wallander’s chances are 50/50. However, the deadline has confirmed that “Young Wallander” will return for a second season on November 6. Apart from the update, not much has been announced except for the second season, which will hit Netflix in 2021.

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What to expect from Young Wallander’s second season

Granted the number of Kurt Wallander’s novels, the Netflix series could effortlessly improve beyond its second season. However, Kurt Wallander’s career has become very volatile. Kurt was noted for his short ministry and quit his job when he witnessed two gruesome murders in Malmö, a teenager and his partner Hemberg. At the end of the season, Kurt seems to be leaving the police and is happy dating Mona. Kurt is expected to return to the police someday, but it is not known what pushed him. The grizzly bear incident or personal revenge outside the house could have brought him back to work.

Has Will Young Wallander been well accepted?

Since its launch, the series has received a lot of criticism and shares the opinions of both clients and critics. One of the young Wallander’s biggest criticisms is the absence of Swedish actors. Adam Palsson, who plays the young Kurt Wallander, is the only Swedish native on the series and show. With other actors who use a British accent and a mostly London accent, Palsson stands out as a patient. Additional criticism of the series is the filming location. Instead of bringing the production to Sweden, the filming took place in Lithuania.

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When is the second season of Young Wallander coming out?

As I wrote above, so far only the general start date has been announced – 2021. Since production hasn’t started yet, we assume it will be around mid to late 2021.