Zombie Land Saga Season 2

MAAPA, Avex Pictures, and Cygames have produced an anime series called Zombie Land Saga. The show was released in Japan in October 2018. The anime was praised for its unique storyline and it has also won Tokyo Anime Awards Festival in 2019. There has even been a documentary about the series. This show belongs to the idol genre and is considered as one of the best fantasy anime. There is a lot of people who loved the satirical humor and the show has managed to create a huge fan following.
Fans are now eager to see the next season.

What about season 2?

It’s good news for fans as the second season has already been announced. The name for the next season is “Zombieland Saga: Revenge”. Even though it has been renewed for the second season, there is no official confirmation for the release date just yet. Fans are guessing that the next season might premiere in this year itself. But one thing is certain, the upcoming season will be more exciting than the last one!

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Is There A Trailer?

Fortunately, there is a trailer available, so fans can have a quick watch right now!


The life of a high school student is suddenly interrupted as she gets hit by a truck on the morning of her submission of an idol application. After a decade, students and six other girls from various eras are reincarnated as zombies. Kotaro Tatsumi brings them back from the dead to create an all zombie idol group. The name of that group is Franchouchou. The show is not a typical horror series, it does not do that cliched thing. Instead of that, it involves music along with the comedy elements to give the audience pure entertainment. The viewers will not be bored by metal rock songs and rap battles. Audiences will absolutely love the character of KoutarouTatsumi and her energetic personality.


• Sakura Minamoto is voiced by Kaede Hondo
• Saki Nikaido is voiced by AsamiTano
• Ai Mizuno is voiced by RisaTaneda
• Junko Konno is voiced by Maki Kawase